Abdul Rahman AM

b. 1902 ?  d. 05/07/1950 Birkenhead, Cheshire.

DATE OF AM ACTION: 05/07/1950 Birkenhead, Cheshire.

Abdul Rahman x Mohammad Askar, was awarded a posthumous Albert Medal (Sea), which was presented to his widow at Sylhet, Pakistan, by the High Commissioner for the UK on 2nd September 1952. He was 50 at the time of the incident.



Fumigation was carried out in m.v. ” Cheshire “while the ship was in dock at Birkenhead preparatory to sailing on her next voyage. After the ship had been declared to be clear of gas, members of the crew, with a number of shore workers, boarded her to commence duty. Some time later, at about 10.30 a.m., men working in the engine room began to be affected by fumes of cyanide gas, which were liberated from the bilge water when the compressors were started. More than forty men were affected. Realising the danger to his men if they did not escape quickly Abdul Rahman took up a position of vantage on the middle platform of the engine room and began shouting orders to the men, thus enabling a number of them to escape to safety. His own position was one of great danger, as the concentration of gas at that point was very high, but despite this he carried on giving instructions and helping the men to regain the deck, until he collapsed. Rescuers were rapidly on the scene, helping the men on to the deck, where most of them quickly revived in the open air. Abdul Rahman was brought out by the rescuers and taken to hospital, where he died.