Albert Victor Bailey AM

b. 27/09/1891 Teignmouth, Devon.  d. 1963 Plymouth, Devon.

DATE OF AM ACTION: 27/08/1919 Invergordon, Scotland.

Albert Victor Bailey was born in Teignmouth, Devon on 27th September 1891. Before he found his calling in the Navy he was working as an Engine Cleaner. He joined the Navy as a Stoker 2nd Class on 2nd April 1910. When WW1 broke out, he was serving aboard the Battleship HMS Tiger, which he served on throughout the war taking part in a few important battles. During the war on HMS Tiger, he took part in the Battle of Dogger Bank in 1915, followed by Battle of Jutland in 1916. He was still serving in the Navy as far as 30th November 1928, his records being transferred to the new card system in 1929. A true veteran of HMS Tiger, he was aboard for 7 years, from the day it was commissioned through multiple battles, including the award of his Albert Medal until 1921 when the Ship was sent for a Refit.



While HMS ” Tiger ” was undergoing repairs at Invergordon, on the 27th August, 1919, two dockyard flitters and an able seaman were overcome by noxious gas in the hold of the ship, and (Stoker Potty Officer Bailey, accompanied by a sick berth attendant, made an unsuccessful .attempt at rescue. Both he and his companion had put on respirators, but found them useless. Mr. Buckle, the officer of their watch, then arrived on the scene, and in spite of the grave risk to life, which it was now evident woukl be incurred by further attempts at rescue, immediately went down and succeeded in passing a rope round one of the men. This man was got out, but Mr.Buckle was considerably affected by the gas, and could do nothing further.Stoker Petty Officer Bailey, though suffering from the effects of his previous attempts, repeated the operation, and succeeded in getting the other two men out, but all efforts to restore them were futile.





Liverpool Medals website – Image of the Bailey Albert Medal.