Albert Victor Hardwick AM

b. 06/06/1883 London, England.  d. 27/04/1961 London, Ontario, Canada.

DATE OF AM ACTION: 21/12/1904 Finsbury Park, London.

Albert was born in London, the son of Alfred James and Louisa Hannah Hardwick (nee Green). Little else is known of his life prior to the incident at Finsbury Park Station, except that he was living in Muswell Hill at the time. He received his AM from King George V on 10th February 1905. Soon afterwards, he emigrated to Canada, and on 21st September 1914 he enlisted with the Canadian Expeditionary Force, listing his occupation as an accountant. He was made a corporal in England, and was promoted Sergeant of bomb-throwers at the front for merit. In 1915, he was believed killed iin action, but was in fact taken prisoner, and remained a POW for the remainder of the war. Following his release, he decided to return to Canada.

On 23rd June 1920, he married Christina MacKenzie McIntosh in Glengarry, Ontario. He died aged 78 in London, Ontario and was buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery.



On the evening of the 21st December, 1904, No. 4 Platform at Finsbury Park Station was crowded with people (estimated at over a thousand) awaiting down trains. A dense fog prevailed at the time. An elderly lady fell from the platform just as an incoming train loomed out of the fog at a distance of a few yards. If her rescue was to be effected nothing but great promptitude, resourcefulness, and bravery could avail, seeing that but a few seconds remained for action, and the lady had injured her ankle and could not save herself. Mr. Hardwick leapt on the line, and just succeeded in placing the lady and himself at full length on the ground between the rail and the wall supporting the platform when the train overtook them. The engine and four coaches had passed the spot where they were lying before the train was brought to a standstill. The Railway Officials, having satisfied themselves that both the lady and Mr. Hardwick had escaped injury, directed the train to be moved forward slowly, and rescued and rescuer, to the great relief of the onlookers, were assisted to the platform in safety.