Alfred John Henney EM

b. 21/12/1881 Nuneaton, Warwickshire. d. 3rd Q 1932 Coventry, Warwickshire.

DATE OF EM ACTION: 14/03/1917 Coventry National Filling Factory.

Alfred was the second of eight children born to Alfred and Ann Selina Henney (nee Bannister) in Nuneaton on 21st December 1881. He was baptised on 18th January 1882. Alfred became a carter for the local corporation. In 1898, he married Mary Ann Wolf and they had at least three children. During the First World War, he worked as a fireman for the National Filling Factory in Coventry. Little is known about his life after the war, and the award of his Edward Medal. He died in Coventry aged 50 in the summer of 1932.



On March the 14th, 1917, a bucket containing detonators was discovered to be on fire at the factory at which Henney was employed. He ran to the building, which was full of smoke, crawled through the smoke on his hands and knees until he found the burning bucket. The rope handle was in flames; but he seized it by the rim and carried it outside, where he extinguished the contents. His promptitude and courage averted a most serious disaster.