Amy Madeline Jacques AM

b. 1871 Morwenstow, Cornwall.  d. ?

DATE OF AM ACTION: 26/03/1911 Otterwood Farm, Beaulieu, Hampshire.

Amy was one of four children of William Singer and Dora Emily Jane Jacques, who originally hailed from Cornwall. She had aan older sister Annie and two younger brothers, Francis and Hugh. She never married and lived with parents at Otterwood Farm, working as a housekeeper.



On the 26th March last her brother, Mr. Francis Jacques, was suddenly attacked by a bull, knocking him on to the ground. A cowman who was with him at the time shouted for help, and Mr. Jacques, sen., aged 74, came to the yard and struck the bull on the head with his stick. The animal turned and tossed the old man, and again attacked the son. Mr. Jacques, sen., fortunately not seriously hurt, was dragged out of the yard by the cowman, and Miss Jacques, who had been attracted to the scene by the shouting, went to the house for a gun. She was afraid, however, of using the gun, as the bull had pinned her brother against a wall. With great presence of mind she got hold of the bull by its horns and pulled its head away; but was unable to release her brother: She ran to the house, and, bringing back the cowman, who was helping her father indoors, she again held the bull’s horns, while the cowman dragged Mr. Francis Jacques, who was insensible and severely injured, into safety. Happily Miss Jacques escaped without injury, though narrowly, for the doorway through which she rushed on releasing her hold of the bull, was immediately charged by the infuriated animal.