Anna Ruth Lang CV

b. ? Nauwigewauk, New Brunswick.

DATE OF CV ACTION: 09/09/1980 Hammond River Bridge.

CV Canada


In the early afternoon of 9 September 1980, Anna Lang displayed selfless courage to a very high degree in the rescue of her two car passengers. At the entry of the Hammond River Bridge a fuel tanker hit Mrs. Lang’s car and rammed it through the railing into the river. The tanker then fell into the river and exploded. Despite a concussion, rapidly-spreading fire, and the threat of further explosion, Mrs. Lang swam to shore, removed her heavy clothing, and returned to the submerged car. At great risk to her life, she reached her passengers through a wall of fire on the surface of the water. With much difficulty she dragged a woman and her four-year-old son a safe distance from the roaring inferno, and continued with both toward shore until two young men came to assist. She suffered extensive burns during the rescue.