Anthony Gerrighty AM

b. 31/08/1851 Liverpool. d. 4th Quarter 1920 Plymouth, Devon.

DATE OF AM ACTION:  27-28/07/1878 Alboran Sea.

Anthony Gerrighty AM

Little is known about the life of Anthony Gerrighty. He was born in Liverpool, and became a sailmaker, before enlisting in the Royal Marines on 28th August 1869. He was also awarded the Royal Humane Society Bronze Medal for his actions. In 1880, he deserted from the Royal Marines and was discharged on 6th July 1883. On 6th May 1882 he married Elizabeth Ann Nicholls at the Plymouth Registry Office. Following his service, all that is known is that he died in Plymouth in 1920.



On the night of the 27th July last, at’ 10 P.M., a lunatic named Field, on his passage home in the transport ship “Baron Colonsay,” of Greenock, broke away from the sentry in the sick berth and climbed to the fore topgallant-yard. Men were sent aloft to try and prevent his falling, but on their approach he struck one of them on the head. After remaining aloft all night calling ” murder,” &c., he came down about 5 A.M., on the 28th. The sentries that were placed to watch him then tried to secure him but he jnmped overboard. GERRIGHTY instantly jumped after him and though struck at with a knife which Field had in his hand, succeeded in rescuing him. This occurrence took place in latitude 36° 26′ N., longitude 2′ 52′ W., the ship going eight knots and a fresh breeze blowing.