Archibald Molbone MOH

b. 03/05/1840 Coventry, Rhode Island. d. 28/02/1912 Scituate, Rhode Island.

DATE OF MOH ACTION: 02/04/1865 Petersburg, Virginia.

Archibald Molbone was born in Coventry, Rhode Island, on May 3, 1840. He was the son of John Malbone and Huldah Corey and was living in West Greenwich, Rhode Island, when he enlisted in the Union Army.

He enlisted in Battery C, 1st Rhode Island Light Artillery on August 11, 1862, and was mustered into service the same day. During his service with Battery C he was promoted to the rank of corporal. He transferred to Battery G, 1st Rhode Island Light Artillery on December 29, 1864, and was promoted to sergeant on the same day. He fought at the Battle of Petersburg, Virginia on April 2, 1865. During the battle, he was one of 20 hand-picked artillerymen who accompanied an infantry assault which captured Confederate artillery pieces which were turned on the Confederates. He received the Medal of Honor on June 20, 1866. He was mustered out of service on June 24, 1865, with the rank of sergeant.

After the war, Malbone had settled in Coventry, Rhode Island, as of 1870, where the census listed is occupation as “farm laborer”. By 1885, he had moved to Scituate, Rhode Island, where the state census listed his occupation as “hustler”. He was married to Mary Frances Marcure (1846–1909), with whom he had a son and three daughters. Malbone died on February 28, 1912. He is buried in the Burton Potter Cemetery on Field Hill Road in the Clayville section of Scituate.



Was one of a detachment of 20 picked artillerymen who voluntarily accompanied an infantry assaulting party and who turned upon the enemy the guns captured in the assault.