Arthur Denton EM

b. ? d. ?

DATE OF EM ACTION: 20/04/1921 Wandsworth, London.

Little is known about the life of Works Fitter Arthur Denton, an employee of the Metal Powders Ltd in Wandsworth, awarded the Edward Medal for his actions on 20th April 1921.



On the 20th April, 1921, an explosion of aluminium, powder took place at the Wandsworth works of Metal Powders, Ltd., causing an outbreak of fire. One of the female employees, Mrs. Draper, was in the act of entering the room where the explosion took place, but became dazed, and, instead of retiring from the room, ran into the flames. Mr. Denton, the Works’ Fitter, who was passing: the door when the explosion; occurred, entered the room, found Mrs. Draper on the floor enveloped in flames from the waist upwards, and carried her out. She was so badly injured that her life was at one time despaired of, while Denton himself was severely burnt in effecting her rescue. Denton exhibited great bravery, as he was fully aware that a more serious explosion might occur at any moment. If it had, there is little doubt that he would have lost his life.