Arthur James Dye AM

b. 24/01/1872 Corton, Suffolk. d. 12/1948 Gorleston, Norfolk.

DATE OF AM ACTION: 30/09/1911 Haisborough Lightship, North Sea.

Arthur J Dye AM

Arthur was born in Corton, Suffolk, the son of Charles and May Dye. His father was a fisherman, and Arthur followed in his footsteps and went to sea. On 15th May 1894, he married Eliza Annie Brett in Great Yarmouth, and they had three children, Annie, Arthur and Alfred. After the incident in the North Sea, his injuries were so severe he had to stop his life at sea, and he became a Trinity House pilot at Great Yarmouth.



The Steam Drifter'” Marie,” when about 65 miles N.E. by N. of Haisborough Lightship, North Sea,.at 10 p.m. on the 30th September, 1911, shipped a heavy sea, which broke the skylight, flooded the cabin, and extinguished the cabin light. The mate, who was in his berth asleep, was awakened by the sudden inrush df -water, and, finding the cabin in darkness, lit a match. Immediately the gas from a tin of carbide of calcium exploded, and the cabin was set on fire. The Skipper,- Arthur James Dye, hurried below from the wheelhouse, seized the burning tin in his hands, and threw it into the galley, from which it was rolled on to the deck. Dye seized it again and tried to push it overboard. It rolled inboard at the first attempt, but he again took hold of it, and ultimately managed to throw it overboard. In rendering these services Dye’s left hand and his face were badly burnt, and on arrival in port he had ‘to receive treatment at the hospital. .A gale was blowing at the time, with a heavy sea.





Allan Stanistreet – Image of Arthur Dye AM.