Arthur Torr Blakemore EM

b. 1870 Beaufort West, South Africa. d. 08/1944 Kimberley, South Africa.

DATE OF EM ACTION: 30/01/1909 Kimberley, South Africa.

Blakemore was born in Beaufort West in 1870 and joined De Beers as a miner in 1889. He became a Shift Boss in 1917 and retired the same year. He died in Kimberley in August 1944. He resided at 5 Barrister Street and at 29 Tyburn Street.



On the 30th January, 1909, a mud rush occurred in the Kimberley Mine, causing six natives to be completely cut off by 65 feet of mud. An attempt was made to clear the mud away but a second rush took place, and it was decided that the only possible method of reaching the men was by working over the top of the mud and handing the mud back in small quantities. The men concerned, after most arduous labour— they could only work stretched on planks— succeeded in rescuing the miners who had been entombed forty hours. There was great risk of a further rush, which would have overwhelmed the workers.