Benjamin Littler Jones GC (EM non-exchanger)

b. 13/07/1918 Llysfaen, North Wales. d. 05/08/1975 Colwyn Bay, Wales.

DATE AND PLACE OF GC ACTION: 21/05/1938 Abergele, Wales.

Benjamin Littler Jones (1918-1975) was born in Llysfaen, North Wales on the 13th July 1918 and attended the local primary school in Llysfaen and Colwyn Bay High School. His parents were Thomas and Annie Jones (nee Williams). After leaving school, Jones began work in the local quarry at Llanddulas, between Abergele and Old Colwyn.

Benjamin L Jones GC

On the morning of 21st May 1938, he was working at the Llysfaen Quarry when he was about to carry out blasting with William Williams and a man called Roberts. Williams lit one fuse, Jones two and Roberts three, but then Roberts stood on a stone which tipped up and trapped his foot so that could not move. The shots were timed to go off in 80 seconds. Williams and Jones tried to release Roberts, but failed. Then Williams shouted to the others to pull out the fuses and promptly pulled out four himself. Jones pulled out one and Roberts the other. In doing so, they ran the considerable risk of the detonators exploding. The prompt action of Williams and Jones undoubtedly saved Roberts’ life at great risk to themselves.

Both William Williams and Benjamin Littler Jones were awarded the Edward Medal for their actions (announced in the London Gazette on 9th September 1938). Later that year, on 21st December 1938, Jones left the mining industry and enlisted with the RAF, and he served throughout the Second World War until 19th July 1947. He was discharged as a Flight Sergeant. He was married during the War on 12th June 1943 and he and his new wife, Mary Ellen (nee Evans) had 5 children; two sons and three daughters. Sadly, one of his sons predeceased him.

In 1971 the British Government offered all living recipients of the Albert and Edward Medals the opportunity to be re-invested with the George Cross. Williams sadly was now deceased, but Jones was offered the exchange but politely declined. Jones passed away less than four years later aged just 57, on 8th August 1975 in Colwyn Bay. He was cremated and his ashes were interred in the churchyard of Llysfaen. His widow died in 1996 and her ashes were placed with him. His EM, Defence Medal 1939-45, and War Medal 1939-45 are privately held.






Kevin Brazier – Image of the Jones GC Grave in St Cynfran Churchyard, Llysfaen, Wales.