Bob DM

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DATE OF DM ACTION: 01/1943 Green Hill, North Africa.

Bob DM

Bob was a Labrador Collie who attended the War Dog’s Training School and built up a great friendship with his handler, Company Quartermaster Sergeant Cleggett. They were posted to North Africa together in 1942, where Bob’s duties included carrying messages and accompanying patrols into enemy territory with C Company of the 6th Queen’s Own Royal West Kent Regiment.

In January 1943, he joined a patrol as a message carrier. As the patrol progressed towards enemy lines, Bob halted and signalled that the enemy were ahead. The patrol leader couldnt hear or see anything so continued forward. Bob remained unmoved. Around 12 yards ahead was an enemy sentry. The men were then able to retreat with vital information on enemy positions. It was only possible with the intervention of Bob.

Sergeant Cleggett described his companion “I dont think any dog has ever been under such a barrage of guns as he has and not one blink of an eye. Believe me, he is a dog of the ages.” Bob was given a regimental battle dress from the men that he saved with his rank and decoration on the left breast. As the war came to an end, Cleggett was demobbed and flew back to Britain. He warned that Bob would not react well to quarantine or strangers. The Allied Mascots Club paid for Bob to be brought back to Britain from Italy and Bob was taken to a train station in Milan. It was there that he broke away from his collar and ran away from the station platform.

The Allied Mascots Club and the War Office tried to trace him and his description was broadcast across Italy. He was never found. His disappearance saddened many including Cleggett. The Dickin Medal wass awarded in his absence in 1947.



For constant devotion to duty with special mention of Patrol work at Green Hill, North Africa, while serving with the 6th Battalion Queens Own Royal West Kent Regt.