Charles Davie Millar AM

b. 20/08/1886 Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland.  d. ?

DATE OF AM ACTION: 29/06/1918 Pembroke Dock, Wales.

Very little known about Charles Davie Millar AM, who was born in Dunfermline in August 1886. He was the son of John Millar. He attended Inverkeithing Public School from 1897 to 1904. He joined the Royal Navy in 1904, and served on numerous ships before he left the service in 1919.



On the 29th June 1918 an outbreak of fire occurred on board Motor Launch No. 483 whilst refuelling alongside the jetty at Pembroke Dock, the fire being caused by the ignition of an overflow of petrol from the hose. Leading Seaman Millar, H.M.S. “P.O. 51,” who was walking up and down the forecastle of his ship, on seeing the flames break out on the upper deck of the motor launch, immediately slid over the bows of his craft on to the motor launch, rushed aft, and removed the primers of the depth charges. He then forced his way through the flames and kicked the hose overboard, getting his clothes ignited as he did so. Having extinguished his burning clothing by jumping overboard, he climbed inboard again and assisted in getting the motor launch in tow. This man displayed initiative and disregard of danger, and by his prompt action he probably averted a serious accident. Had the depth charges detonated, very great damage would have been done and lives undoubtedly lost.