Charles McKenzie AM

b. 29/12/1872 Dundee, Scotland.  d. 24/12/1931 ?

DATE OF AM ACTION: 06/12/1917 Port Melbourne, Australia.

Charles McKenzie AM

Charles was the son of Colin and Janet McKenzie (nee Williamson). He joined the Merchant Navy in c. 1900 and remained at sea until his death in 1931. He was presented with his AM by King George V at Buckingham Palace on 11th December 1919.



A violent explosion, followed by a fire, occurred in one of the holds of the steamship in which Mr. McKenzie was serving, which had a cargo of petroleum and case oil. Four men were in the hold at the time, and received serious injuries. Mr. McKenzie, who was on duty at the top of the hold, immediately rushed down, regardless of the possibility of further explosions, found the ship’s carpenter, and assisted him to a sling, by means of which the man was hauled up on deck. Mr. McKenzie then searched the hold again and rescued a seaman in the same way. Both men, however, subsequently died of their injuries. Mr. McKenzie also found the third man, who was badly burnt, and assisted him to mount the ladder. The fourth man managed to escape by his own exertions.