Charles Samuel Vassar Cudbird EM

b. 22/02/1859 Hingham, Norfolk.  d. 09/11/1929 East Wymer, Norwich, Norfolk.

DATE OF EM ACTION: 30/06/1911 South Woodford Station, Essex.

Charles S V Cudbird EM

Charles was the second eldest of eleven children born to James and Sarah Ann Cudbird (nee Vassar). Charles was born on 22nd February 1859 in Hingham, Norfolk, and was baptised at the local parish church on 25th April 1859. Charles was fortunate to survive childhood as several of his siblings passed away before reaching adulthood. On 18th April 1881, he married Elizabeth Mercy Swann at St Peter Parmentergate in Norwich, who was six years his senior. Charles and Elizabeth went on to have eight children, with seven surviving to adulthood. Due to Charles’ employment as a roadway agent, he had to move around the country for work, therefore in the early years of his marriage to Elizabeth, they lived in a variety of locations such as Mooring (Norfolk), Ipswich (Suffolk) and Grimsby (Lincolnshire). By 1891, the Cudbirds were now based in West Ham, Essex and living at 58 Field Road in Forest Gate.

By the time of the 1901 Census, Charles was now a Station Master in Harlow, Essex before moving to the post of Station Master at South Woodford, where his rescue in June 1911 would earn him the Edward Medal. Little is known about Charles after the Great War. He died in East Wymer, near Norwich on 9th November 1929 aged 70.



On the 30th June, 1911, as the 9.30 train from Epping was about to enter the station at George Lane, Miss Tremlett, now Mrs.Wells, accidentally fell on the line about 70 yards in front of the train, which usually enters the station at 30 or 40 miles an hour, and Mr. Cudbird jumped down and pulled her clear on to the 6-foot way. Had not the driver seen what was happening and -applied the brakes, both would certainly have been cut to pieces, and the risk involved in Mr. Cudbird’s action was very great.