Daniel Richmond Edwards MOH

b. 09/04/1897 Mooreville, Texas. d. 21/10/1967 Hot Springs, Arkansas.

DATE OF MOH ACTION: 18/07/1918 Soissons, France.

Daniel R Edwards MOH

Edwards was born April 9, 1897, in Mooreville, Texas and graduated from the Columbia University School of Journalism. He enlisted in the United States Army in April 1917, on the day the United States entered World War I. He was sent to France as a member of the U.S. 1st Infantry Division, where he performed the actions that earned him the Medal of Honor, the Distinguished Service Cross and the Silver Star. Along with Samuel I. Parker, Edwards is considered one of the two most-decorated U.S. infantrymen by American awards; Samuel Woodfill has more counting French awards.

He married and lived in the Bronx after the war where he was a member of the Come-Back Club, an organization for disabled and returning veterans. He also worked for Warren G. Harding’s presidential election campaign, and later served in World War II.

He died October 21, 1967, and is buried in Cunningham Cemetery located in Royal, Arkansas.



Reporting for duty from hospital where he had been for several weeks under treatment for numerous and serious wounds and although suffering intense pain from a shattered arm, he crawled alone into an enemy trench for the purpose of capturing or killing enemy soldiers known to be concealed therein. He killed 4 of the men and took the remaining 4 men prisoners; while conducting them to the rear one of the enemy was killed by a high explosive enemy shell which also completely shattered 1 of Pfc. Edwards’ legs, causing him to be immediately evacuated to the hospital. The bravery of Pfc. Edwards, now a tradition in his battalion because of his previous gallant acts, again caused the morale of his comrades to be raised to high pitch.