Donald MacIntyre VC

b. 12/09/1831 Kingcraig, Ross-shire, Scotland. d. 15/04/1903 Fortrose, Scotland..

Donald MacIntyre (1831-1903) was born on the 12th September 1831 in “Kincraig House”, near Kincraig, Ross & Cromarty, Highlands, Scotland. He was educated at Addiscombe Seminary, and entered the Army on 14th June 1850, and became Lieutenant on 23rd November 1856. When still a junior subaltern he served with the 66th Gurkhas with both expeditions of 1852, under Sir Colin Campbell, afterwards Lord Clyde, against the hill tribes on the Peshawar Frontier, including the destruction of the fort and village of Prangbur and the action at Ishkakot.

Donald MacIntyre VC

A year later he was engaged with the Expeditionary Force against the Boree Afridis. In 1856 he served with the 66th Gurkhas in the Expedition, under Sir Neville Chamberlain, to the Kurram Valley, Afghanistan. He became Captain on 14th June 1862, and served in 1864 with the Doaba Field Force in the Peshawar Valley. During 1857-1858, while engaged with raising what is now the 4th Gurkha Regiment, he was employed on several occasions in protecting the hill tribes on the Kale Kumaon Frontier from the Rohilcund Rebels, and in maintaining order in the district. It was for services in the Lushai Expedition (North East India) in 1872, that Major Macintyre was subsequently awarded the Victoria Cross. He was gazetted for the award on 27th September 1872 for his actions on 4th January that year.

During the assault on the village of Lalgnoora on 4th January, MacIntyre was the first to lead the attack, and he reached the stockade first. Despite it being over eight feet high, he proceeded to climb over and disappeared into the flames and smoke of the burning village. The stockade was successfully attacked following the actions of Macintyre under heavy enemy fire.

MacIntyre (the second Gurkha officer to be awarded the VC)  was presented with his VC whilst serving in India later in the winter of 1872. He had been promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel in September 1872, and was made Colonel in 1877. His last active service was in the Afghan Campaign of 1878-1879, when he commanded the 2nd Gurkhas with the Khyber Column, and was with both Expeditions to the Bazar Valley. He retired from the Bengal Staff Corps on Christmas Eve 1880, with the rank of Major-General. He died on Wednesday 15th April 1903 at his residence, Fortrose, in the Highlands of Scotland, aged 71. He was buried in a family plot in Rosemarkie Churchyard, Rosemarkie, Highlands. His medals are held by the Gurkha Regimental Museum, Winchester, Hampshire.





Thomas Stewart – Medal Group of Donald MacIntyre VC at the Gurkha Museum, Winchester, Hampshire.