Douglas Fader CV

b. ? Fenelon Falls, Ontario.

DATE OF CV ACTION:  27/08/1993 Alberta.

CV Canada


After surviving a helicopter crash at the Birch Mountain microwave tower site in Alberta on August 27, 1993, Mr. Fader risked his life to save the pilot who was trapped in the burning wreckage. Without concern for his own life, Mr. Fader, who had been thrown from the aircraft, returned through the intense fire to release the pilot’s seat belt and drag the man out through the flames. Although he sustained severe burns to his face, head and other parts of his body, Mr. Fader managed to help the pilot, who was in shock, to reach a building on the site. Mr. Fader called 911 and, despite his own life-threatening injuries, stayed on the line for almost an hour until a rescue team arrived at the remote site. As a result of his heroic efforts, Mr. Fader spent many months convalescing in hospital.