Dr Edwin Arthur Dando EM

b. 08/11/1866 Dudley, Worcestershire. d. 12/02/1923 Dudley, Worcestershire.

DATE OF EM ACTION: 17/04/1910 Russell Colliery, Dudley.

Dr Edwin A Dando EM

Edwin Dando was born in Dudley, Worcestershire (now Staffordshire) on 8th November 1866, one of ten children (five boys, five girls) born to Thomas and Jane Dando (nee Wright). He was baptised at St Thomas’ Church, Dudley on 23rd December 1866. Edwin completed his medical studies in Birmingham and received the diplomas of MRCS (Eng) and LRCP (London) in 1896. He returned to his native Dudley where he set up in general practice in Compton House. Edwin became a highly respected man in the local community both before and after the events of 17th April 1910, when clad in his pyjamas, he rushed down to the Russell Colliery to assist in the rescue. The rescue had a big impact on his health, and effected him greatly for the rest of his life. In 1911, he was appointed as a Justice of the Peace. He never married, and died on 12th February 1923, aged 56, and in his will he left his estate to two of his brothers, Hubert and Harrold.



His Majesty the KING has been graciously pleased to award the Edward Medal of the Second Class to Dr. Edwin Arthur Dando for courage shown on the occasion of the underground fire which occurred at the Russell Colliery, near Dudley, on the 17th April, 1910, and in connection with which the Edward Medal was awarded on the 23rd July, 1910, to Arthur Cartwright, Isaiah Walker, Samuel Slater, and Anthony Willetts. It has since been brought to His Majesty’s notice that Dr. Dando, who was summoned to the mine when the fire broke out, went down the pit and bravely assisted in the rescue work for several hours. He was at last overcome by the poisonous gases, and was brought to the surface unconscious, and he has not yet completely recovered from the effects of his courageous action.