Duke of Normandy DM

b. 1941 ?  d. ?

DATE OF DM ACTION: 06/06/1944 Normandy, France.

Duke of Normandy DM

A grand cock pigeon, Duke of Normandy, as he later was named, was bred by George Noteman in Shepherd’s Bush, West London in 1941. He was given by his breeder to the National Pigeon Service to help the war effort and was codenamed NURP.41.SBC.219, and he was dropped behind German lines with paratroopers from the 21st Army Group as part of the D-Day Operation in June 1944.

After six days cooped up in a basket, Duke of Normandy was released with the news of the success of D-Day at 06.00hrs and landed at his loft in London after a flght of 26 hours and fifty minutes, a remarkable achievement though high winds, heavy rain and fierce fighting. He was awarded the Dickin Medal in January 1947 for being the first bird to arrive with an operational message from troops active in the D-Day landings on 6th June 1944.



For being the first pigeon to home from paratroops behind the German lines on D Day in adverse weather after five days’ detention in a small container.