El Imam Yehia GC (EGM exchanger)

b. 1912 Sudan. d. 16/02/1987 Omdurman, Sudan.

DATE AND PLACE OF GC ACTION: 1931 Khartoum, Sudan.

El Imam Yehia (1912-1987) was born in the Sudan in 1912. Sadly, he is another recipient of the George Cross of which very little is known. All that is known is that he joined the Khartoum Police Force and it was in this capacity that he was awarded the Empire Gallantry Medal in 1931.

George Cross

He was serving in the Khartoum Police Force when he saw a rabid dog attacking a man. He at once tried to kill it with his baton, but was unable to. He then strangled the dog with his bare hands, being severely bitten in the struggle. He saved many from possible infection.

He was gazetted for the EGM on 1st January 1932, and eight years later, in 1940, following the creation of the George Cross, he was automatically entitled to exchange his EGM. Little else is known about his life following the incident.

He died on 16th February 1987 in Omdurman, Sudan and is final resting place is not known. His GC is not publicly held.