Farabani AM

b. ?. d. ?

DATE OF AM ACTION: 08/08/1880 off coast of Mozambique.

Very little is known about the life of Farabani other than his Albert Medal action.



On the 8th August last, while the ” Wild Swan” was off the coast of Mozambique, a fugitive slave boy, named Farejallah, having jumped overboard from a stage alongside the ship, was immediately seized by an enormous shark, which bit off his leg at the knee, dragging him under the water. When he rose to the surface, the shark again attacked him, tearing off his remaining leg and part of the thigh. On Farejallah beginning to rise to the surface again, closely followed by the shark, FARABANI jumped from the netting into the water, and brought the unfortunate boy to the surface, nor did he leave the water till he had placed him in a position of safety. The Captain of the “Wild Swan” adds, that wbat makes this, if possible, a more gallant deed, is the fact that FARABANI saw the whole of the horrible catastrophe from the first seizure of the boy, and that, when he jumped into the water, not only the attacking shark, but three others were seen close to the ship, attracted no doubt by the blood.