Firoze Khan AM

b. ? d. ?

DATE OF AM ACTION: 31/05/1935 Quetta (then India, now Pakistan).

Very little is known about the life of Firoze Khan other than his Albert Medal action. His AM was presented to him at Fort Salop on 3rd June 1936.



On the morning of May 31st Lance-Naik Firoze Khan was in charge of a party engaged in rescue work and fire fighting in the city. Hearing cries for help from beneath the ruins in the close vicinity of a fire, Lance-Naik Firoze Khan and his party commenced to dig and cut their way down into the building. After nearly two hours’ work, the Lance-Naik was able to enter the building from above and discovered two people pinned down by beams and rubble. The fire had by this time spread to the building in question, which was full of smoke and fumes. In spite of this the Lance-Naik with pick and saw spent over half an hour beneath the ruins and finally released the injured people. He did this at great risk to his own life as throughout there was grave danger of the ruins subsiding from the effect of the fire and further earthquake shocks.