Frederick George Marshall AM

b. ? d. ?

DATE OF AM ACTION: 27/02/1915 Tenedos, Greece.

Very little is known about Frederick George Marshall, a Mechanician in the Royal Navy on the HMS Vengeance during WWI. On the evening of February 27th 1915, Mechanician Marshall was in charge of the stokehold of HMS Vengeance when it was filled with dense clouds of soot and steam, flinging him across the stokehold so that only with difficulty could he find his way to a ladder leading to the upper deck. He helped two men up the ladder and twice endeavoured with a sponge in his mouth to reach the stop valve, without success owing to smoke, steam and heat. To protect himself against these, he emptied a sack of potatoes and put it across his mouth and nose but this was not enough and he had to put the sack over his head and shoulders. Thus blindfolded, with the utmost difficulty, he forced his way through the screen door, which was opened by stokers but it was blown to by the great weight of steam from inside. He went down a short ladder and groped along a grating 17 feet long to the stop valve of the injured boiler which he promptly shut off, saving the men remaining in the stokehold. His Albert Medal was not gazetted, but he was presented with the medal by King George V at Buckingham Palace on 1st October 1915.



Not gazetted.