George Huddleston (Hiddlestone) Lamb EM

b. ? 1850 Northumberland.  d. 09/06/1907 Strathcona, Alberta, Canada.

DATE OF EM ACTION: 08/09/1907 Strathcona, Alberta, Canada.

Little is known about George Huddleston (Hiddlestone) Lamb, who was born in Northumberland in c.1850. It is known that he became a miner, and later emigrated to Canada, where he worked for the Strathcona Company, based at their mine near Edmonton, Alberta. He died of his burns the day after his gallant rescue on 8th June 1907.



The King has been pleased to allow Miss Margaret Jane Lamb, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, to receive the Edward Medal of the First Class in recognition of the gallant action of her brother, the late George Huddleston Lamb, who lost his life in endeavouring to save the lives of five men at a fire at the Strathcona Company’s Mine, at Strathcona, in the Province of Alberta, Canada, on the 8th June, 1907. There were two shafts in the mine, a hoisting shaft and an air shaft. The engineer of the mine woke Lamb at about 11.25 p.m., when the fire was discovered, and told him that there were five men in the mine. Lamb descended three times, once by the air shaft, and having found the men urged them to escape by the ladder, saying he would remain until they had ascended. One man made an attempt, but returned. Lamb himself then succeeded in reaching the surface, but his clothes were in flames, and he died shortly afterwards from the effect of his injuries. The others seem to have endeavoured to follow him, but failed, either because they were overcome by the smoke or because the ladder was burned.