George Lock GC (EM exchanger)

b. 15/03/1892 Chelsea, London.  d. 10/06/1974 Dovercourt, Harwich, Essex.

DATE AND PLACE OF GC ACTION: 08/10/1925 Oxford Street, London.

George Lock (1892-1974) (spelt with an e on his citation erroneously) was born on 15th March 1892 in Chelsea, London, one of four children of Horatio and Martha Lock (nee James). His father was a general labourer at the time of George’s birth. Little more is known about George’s childhood. He became a steelwork erector and gained employment with Dorman Long & Co Ltd.

George Lock GC

On 8th October 1925, George was involved in the erection of steel-work for the rebuilding of premises in Oxford Street. Lock and Frederick Dowser were standing on parallel girders on the 4th floor when Dowser tripped and fell, striking his head and ending up stunned on the girder. The girders were only 7in wide and 7ft apart. On seeing his comrade fall, Lock with great presence of mind, immediately leapt across the intervening space and threw himself on Dowser’s legs, pinning him to the girder until help arrived and they dragged back to safety. But for Lock’s prompt action, there was little doubt that Dowser would have fallen to his death.

On 2nd March 1926, the announcement in the London Gazette was published showing that George had been awarded the Edward Medal in Bronze (Industry). He was also awarded the Carnegie Hero Fund Medal for Bravery, and a gold watch by his employers. George remained with the company for the rest of his working life.

In 1971, following the change of Royal Warrant, as an Edward Medal recipient, he was given the opportunity to exchange for a George Cross. An investiture at Buckingham Palace was arranged for July 1974, but sadly George was in poor health, and died a month before, on 10th June 1974 at Lime Court Retirement Home, Dovercourt, Harwich, Essex. He was buried on the 18th June at Dovercourt Cemetery, Harwich. Sadly there is no headstone. George’s GC was presented to his next of kin and is still in private ownership.






Kevin Brazier – Image of the unmarked grave of George Lock GC in Dovercourt Cemetery, Harwich.

Marion Hebblethwaite – Image of George Lock GC.