George William Gibson EM

b. 05/11/1917 Thornthwaite, Cumberland.  d. 07/07/1952 Patterdale, Westmoreland.

DATE OF EM ACTION: 07/07/1952 Greenside Lead Mine, Patterdale, Westmoreland.

George William was the youngest of six children born to James and Agnes Gibson (nee Scott) on 5th November 1917 in Thornthwaite, Cumberland. Little else is known about his life except he became a coal miner. At the time of his death aged 35, he was unmarried. 



On the morning of Monday, 7th July, 1952, a miner who had been lowered down a shaft connecting two levels at Greenside Lead mine, Patterdale, Westmorland, was observed by Mallinson, who had remained at the top of the shaft to assist in the lowering, to be looking ill; although a thick haze and a strong smell were coming up the shaft, indicating the presence of gas, Mallinson descended by ladder to investigate. He reached the bottom and shouted back that the other man was in a bad way and that he (Mallinson) was feeling queer and was coming back up. He collapsed on the way. A third miner who had remained at the top summoned assistance, and three volunteers, including Gibson and Miller, went to the scene. Getting no response to their calls, without hesitation, although the danger must have been apparent, Gibson, closely followed by Miller, set off down the ladder, leaving the third volunteer at the top. This man, on receiving a signal from Miller attempted to raise the hoist, but it would not function. By the time further rescue workers arrived no replies could be obtained from the men who had descended the shaft.

The actions of Mallinson, in descending the shaft to the help of the sick man, and of Gibson and Miller, who went down to the help of both, were in the highest traditions of the mining industry.