Gurzei Ahom EM

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DATE OF EM ACTION: 12/12/1911 Digboi, Assam, India.

Very little is known about the life of oil worker Gurzei Ahom, other than his valiant attempt alongside Kenneth Burton to try and save the life of a native foreman, Rulia, at the Assam Oil Company in Digboi on 12th December 1911.



On the 12th December, 1911, a native foreman, named Rulia, employed by the Assam Oil Company at Digboi, entered an oil tank ten feet deep and containing four feet of oil. He was overcome by oil fumes, whereupon one of his workmen named Gurzei Ahom, who had tried to dissuade him from entering the tank and was aware of the danger, went to his assistance and was himself overcome. Another workman gave the alarm to Mr. Kenneth Burton, Assistant Manager in charge of the tank, who was in his office some 70 yards away. Mr. Burton immediately obtained a rope, and, climbing into the tank, fastened it around Gurzei Ahom and succeeded in pulling him out. Mr. Burton then entered the tank again, and, attaching the rope to Rulia; hauled him to the top of the tank; but Mr. Burton was overcome and collapsed, and Rulia fell back into the oil. The tank was then emptied, but it was too late to save Rulia’s life.