Harry Denny EM

b. 28/05/1909 West Bromwich, Staffordshire. d. 03/1963 West Bromwich, Staffordshire.

DATE OF EM ACTION: 27/03/1919 West Bromwich, Staffordshire.

Harry was born on 28th May 1909 in West Bromwich, Staffordshire, the son of Henry and Mary Ann Denny (nee Thomas). He had at least one sibling, a brother Walter, who died in 1918, when Harry was 9. Little else is known about Harry’s early life prior to him becoming an iron moulder at Josiah Guest and Son’s in West Bromwich. Harry married Doris Udall in 1934 in West Bromwich and they had a daughter Mary, born on 20th May 1935. By 1939, Harry and Doris were living at 22 Bilhay Street in West Bromwich, and Harry was still employed as an iron moulder despite the horrific burns he had suffered twenty years before. Harry died aged just 53 in West Bromwich in March 1963.



On the 27th March, 1919, Joseph Reynolds, a foreman in Messrs. Josiah Guest and Sons’ foundry at West Bromwich, while superintending the filling of a series of pig-iron moulds, stumbled and fell on to the still molten metal. No one was near, but Denny, a labourer, hearing his cries, ran up and tried to pull him away by his clothes, but these were burned through and came away in his hands. Denny then thrust his arms into the molten metal under Reynolds, caught him round the body, and lifted him clear. He then ran for assistance. Unfortunately Reynolds was so seriously injured that he died a few days afterwards. Denny’s burns were very severe, and he knowingly risked his life in endeavouring to save Reynolds.