Henry Charles Morris AM

b. 1883 Nottingham. d. 11/06/1950 Anderby Creek, Lincolnshire.

DATE OF AM ACTION: 11/06/1950 Anderby Creek, Lincolnshire.

Little is known about Henry Morris’ early life. He became a book keeper and married Ada Tunaley in 1907. They had two daughters named Gladys and Mabel. By 1939 he had changed occupation and was a box manufacturer. He was the oldest recipient of the Albert Medal.



On Sunday, llth June, 1950, a man bathing in the sea at Anderby Creek, Lincolnshire, was carried out of his depth and got into difficulties. Henry Charles Morris, aged 67 years, heard his cries for help and immediately ran towards the water undressing as he went. Despite his daughter’s warning that he should wait to get a lifebelt he plunged into the water naked and swam out to the man in difficulties. On reaching him he grasped his hand and began to swim back to the shore with him. Almost immediately a heavy breaker struck them both and separated them, and Morris was not seen again. His body was recovered three hours later. After Morris had been swept away it required the combined efforts of several other men to rescue the man in difficulties. The incident occurred at a point on the Lincolnshire coast which at high tide is dangerous for swimmers at any time. On this occasion the tide was flowing in and conditions were particularly bad. Morris’was a frequent visitor to Anderby Creek and was well aware of its dangers. He had been a strong swimmer but had done very little swimming for some years. His prompt and determined action displayed courage of a high order and he lost his life after a gallant attempt to rescue a younger man in difficulties.