Henry Everson EM

b. ? 1873 Merthyr Tydfil, Wales.  d. ? 1915 Pontypridd, Wales.

DATE OF EM ACTION: 12/09/1907 Penallta Colliery, Hengoed, Glamorgan.

Henry was born in Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, Wales in 1873, though little else is known about his childhood. He began working in the mines as a young man before training to become a mechanical engineer. In 1894, he married Ann, and they had six children (Margaret, Gwendoline, Lucy, John, Harry and Minnie). The family lived near to the Penallta Colliery, at 4 Penallta Villa, Hengoed. Henry died in 1915 in Pontypridd aged 42.



Water was being raised from a depth of 345 feet, and a scaffold was suspended in the shaft for the purpose of walling the sides. The barrel containing the water came in contact with the scaffold and broke it from its chains, precipitating it with two men thirty feet into twelve feet of water. Henry Everson, who was at the top of the shaft, heard one of the men calling for help. He also called for assistance, but seeing the urgency of the case descended the pit at once by a four inch pipe a distance of 270 feet. He then found the barrel, which he was able to pull towards him, got into it and was lowered till he found one of the men hanging on a thin wire, up to his neck in water and almost exhausted, his hands wounded. He jumped into the water, holding the barrel with one hand, and was able to grip the man by the collar and pull him into the barrel. They were then raised to the surface. The second man was drowned.