Henry F Frizzell MOH

b. 12/1839 Madison County, Missouri. d. 25/05/1904 St Louis, Missouri.

DATE OF MOH ACTION: 22/05/1863 Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Henry F Frizzell MOH

Medal of Honor Recipient. Frizzell was a Private in Company B of the 6th Missouri Infantry. He received the Medal of Honor for gallantry in the charge of the “volunteer storming party” at Vicksburg, Misissippi on May 22, 1863. He did not receive the Medal until 31 years later on 30 July 1894.

Frizzell was captured by the Confederacy that day. A week later he was released by the Confederacy in a prisoner exchange and spent the next two months in a hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. Later in 1863, his unit joined the ranks of General William Tecumseh Sherman and fought in the Battle of Lookout Mountain near Chattanooga. After re-enlisting in January 1864, Frizzell and the 6th Missouri infantry joined General Sherman on his march through Georgia. Frizzell was shot in the left knee on May 14, 1864, at the battle of Resaca, Georgia. He continued fighting until Lynch Creek, North Carolina, where the Confederates again captured him on March 1, 1865. After escaping, he heard the war was over and, in his own words, “he started working his way back to Madison County as best he could.”

Frizzell made it back to Madison County, eventually getting married and having children. He died of consumption on 25th May 1904, and was initially buried in the Hospital Cemetery. The site of the cemetery was eventually used for a new airport, and Frizzell’s remains were moved to Mount Lebanon Cemetery. 



Gallantry in the charge of the “volunteer storming party.



PLOT – Frizzell’s marker is located near the front entrance of the cemetery.