Horace Ball EM

b. ?  d. ?

DATE OF EM ACTION: 26/08/1919 Atlas Works, Sheffield, Yorkshire.

Very little is known about the life of Horace Ball, other than he was a former steeplejack at the time of the incident at the Atlas Works in Sheffield.



On August 26th, 19|19, two steeplejacks were engaged in repainting the brickwork at the fop of a chimney 150 feet high at the Atlas Works of Messrs. John Brown., and Co., Ltd., at Sheffield. Before the work was completed, gas fumes were accidentally permitted to pass through the chimney, with the result that one of the men was overcome. His companion, a lad, was able to attract attention, but was unable to assist him. Whelpton, Naylor and Ball, who were not steeplejacks, but had formerly been used to work at a height; at’once ascended the ladder, which, however, only reached a spot 7 feet from the summit. They then had to climb outwards over a projecting chimney crown by means of the steel straps which run round the shaft. On reaching the top, which was only 9 inches wide, they applied artificial respiration to the unconscious man for 20 minutes, and then with great difficulty lowered him. to tthe ground in at canvas ambulance sling, which had in the meantime been passed up by means of a rope. All three men undoiibtedly risked their lives in saving the life of another.