James Edward Tierney EM

b. ? d. 31/08/1917 Portland Harbour, Dorset.

DATE OF EM ACTION: 31/08/1917 Portland Harbour, Dorset.

Little can be traced about the life of James Edward Tierney other than he was a dock hand at Portland Harbour in Dorset. Tragically, he lost his life in the attempt to save the life of a fellow workman.



On the 31st of August, 1917, during salvage operations on board the steamship “Great City,” the holds of which were known to be heavily charged with gas arising from decomposing grain, one of the stevedore’s men noticed some pieces’ of wood floating towards the pump and, contrary to strict orders, went down in order to pick the wood up so as to prevent the pump from choking. While in the act of doing this, he was overcome by gas and fell into the water. Anderson, who had some time previously suffered from gas poisoning, and, therefore, knew the gravity of the risk, at once went to his assistance and succeeded in holding him up while a rope was being sent down to him, but before this could reach him he was also overcome and fell into the water. Tierney and Gale then went to the rescue, but both were also overcome. Anderson, Tierney and Gale undoubtedly lost their lives in an endeavour to save the lives of their fellow workman.