James Green EM

b. ? 1877 ? d. 23/12/1911 near Wigan, Lancashire.

DATE OF EM ACTION: 23/12/1911 Bamfurlong Mine, Wigan, Lancashire.

It is believed that James Green was born in Lancashire in c.1877, but little else is known about him before his actions that ultimately cost him his life on 23rd December 1911 at Bamfurlong Mine, near Wigan, Lancashire. He was married at the time of his death, and his widow was presented with his Edward Medal.



On the 23rd December, 1911, water in large quantities broke into the Bamfurlong Mine, near Wigan, and by a heavy fall of earth a party of 13 were cut off from safety. Mitchell explored the roads in order to find a way of reaching these men, though his life was exposed to constant danger in consequence of the continued rise of the water. Finally he succeeded in boring a passage through the fall, thereby rescuing all the men who had been cut off. In another part of the workings Green, who had heard of the inundation, went down the dip to warn the men under his charge, although he met the water already rushing down the roads. In doing so, he acted at grave risk to his life, and it was two hours before he was out of danger. He extricated all his men. James Green has since died, and the Medal will be given to his widow.