James Moulder AM

b. 1876 Willenhall, Staffordshire. d. 01/07/1956 Barton-upon-Irwell, Lancashire.

DATE OF AM ACTION: 12/07/1911 Barton Moss, Manchester.

James Moulder AM

James was the son of James and Ann Moulder (nee Hall) and at the age of 1, the family moved north to Lancashire from Willenhall, Staffordshire. He had two younger brothers. On 16th October 1897, he married Lucy Cheetham in Barton upon Irwell. They had a son and three daughters, and James worked as a market gardener. Sadly, his wife and son both pre-deceased him.



On the 12th July last, Mr. Petty, aged 72, a manufacturer of fireworks, was at work in one of the sheds of his factory at Barton Moss, near Manchester, charging bombs, when an explosion occurred, followed a few moments later by a second and more violent explosion. As a result of the explosions the shed was partially wrecked and set on fire, while Mr. Petty was hurled to the ground and pinned down among the burning debris. His son, who was approaching the shed at the time, was caught and knocked down by the second explosion. Mr. James Moulder, a farmer, was working in a field about one hundred and fifty yards away, and, on hearing the first explosion, ran towards the shed. He had covered about forty yards when the second explosion occurred, and he saw Mr. Petty’s son knocked down, but, regardless of the risk of further explosions, he ran on, and, entering the burning shed, brought Mr. Petty out from amongst the mass of burning wreckage and exploding fireworks to a place of safety.





Allan Stanistreet – Image of James Moulder AM.