James William Brown AM

b. ?   d. ?

DATE OF AM ACTION: 05/02/1917 Malta.

Very little is known about James William Brown AM except that he was an Acting Quartermaster-Sergeant in the 30 Company, Royal Army Medical Corps.



On the morning of the 5th February 1917, a serious explosion, followed by a fire, occurred on the French troopship “St. Laurent” at Malta. After some time it was observed that three men in the forepart of the ship, where the flames were fiercest, were cut off from the rest. None of the boats near would approach the ship owing to the heat and danger of a further explosion, until Acting Quartermaster-Serjeant Brown persuaded a Maltese Policeman to row him out; but when within thirty yards of the ship the Policeman refused to go further. Brown returned, and was then joined by Seymour, Allan and Cuthbertson. They rowed directly to the forepart of the ship, the sides of which were by this time red hot, while the plates were falling into the sea. When they were within a few yards of the ship two of the three men in the forepart jumped into the sea and were rescued; the third, who had climbed up the mast, was saved later when the mast fell.