Jeremiah Regan MOH

b. 1832 Boston, Massacbusetts. d. ?

DATE OF MOH ACTION: 15/05/1862 Drewry’s Bluff, Virginia.

Regan was the captain of the No. 2. gun aboard the USS Galena, which was the lead ship of a Union Navy flotilla that attempted to raid the Confederates’ unfinished Fort Drewry (also known as Fort Darling) on 15 May 1862. During the attack on Drewry’s Bluff and the fort, Regan continued to man his gun despite the fire directed at the ship from Confederate sharpshooters and an artillery shell which injured or killed most of his crewmates. He made a dangerous climb up the forerigging under heavy fire and cleared the halyards, throwing away the ship’s white flag. He then returned to man his gun. Regan was one of three crew members to receive a Medal of Honor for action on that day, the others being First Class Fireman Charles Kenyon and Marine Corporal John Mackie.

A marker now stands in Richmond National Battlefield Park commemorating the three men.



As captain of No. 2 gun on board the U.S.S. Galena in the attack upon Drewry’s Bluff, 15 May 1862. With his ship severely damaged by the enemy’s shellfire and several men killed and wounded, Regan continued to man his gun throughout the engagement despite the concentration of fire directed against men at their guns by enemy sharpshooters in rifle pits along the banks.