John Garner EM

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DATE OF EM ACTION: 29/04/1918 Rugby, Warwickshire.

Little is known about John Garner, a stoker at the British Thomson-Houston Company Ltd near Rugby, Warwickshire, other than his actions on 29th April 1918.



On the 29th April, 1918, one of a battery of seven boilers in the boiler-house of the factory of the British Thomson-Houston Co. Ltd at Rugby, exploded. Garner, a stoker, at once entered the house, which was filled with steam and bailing water and in a serious condition, in the hope of rescuing any person who might be injured. Large masses of masonry were threatening to fall, and either of the remaining two boilers under steam was likely to explode at any time. The only light available was a hand lamp carried by Garner. After searching, some five minutes, Garner discovered an injured man lodged on a projecting beam; but was unable to reach him. He stood by him, however, until the beam canted and the injured man fell to the ground without further hurt. No other persons were injured by the accident. Garner undoubtedly risked his life to save a fellow workman.