John Jones EM

b. ? 1873 ? d. ?

DATE OF EM ACTION: 02/01/1924 Newport, Monmouthshire.

Little is known about John Jones, who was a transport worker awarded the Edward Medal for his desperate attempt to save a fellow worker at a wharf on the River Usk at Newport. All that is known from his citation is that he was 50 at the time of the incident.



Shortly after midnight on January 2nd, 1924, the steamship ” Imanol ” had just finished unloading at a wharf in the River Usk at Newport. As the last man of the unloading gang was coming ashore the ship swung from her moorings and lifted the gangway, throwing the man into the water, which was some 15 feet below the wharf. Jones, who was one of the gang, had left the ship, but hearing the cry ” Man overboard,” he ran to the wharf’s edge, and, looking down, thought- he saw a cap floating below. He plunged into the water between the ship and the wharf, but after swimming for over ten minutes he became exhausted and had to be hauled out by a rope. There is no doubt that Jones was fully aware of the danger involved in jumping into the water between the moving ship and the wharf on a dark and cold night, with the tide running strongly. He is 50 years of age, and his action was a very brave one.