John Jones (Gold Miner) EM

b. ? d. ?

DATE OF EM ACTION: 14/01/1909 Johannesburg, South Africa.

Little is known about John Jones, a gold miner, awarded the Edward Medal for his actions at the Witwatersrand Gold Mine in Johannesburg, South Africa on 14th January 1909.



On January the 14th, 1909, gas was found at the bottom of the Witwatersrand Gold Mine, Johannesburg. A native workman was overcome by the fumes and two men, named Owen and Griffiths, descended the mine to assist him. With the help of Jones, who followed, the native was drawn up; but Owen, overcome by the gas, fell to the bottom of the winze. Griffiths also was overcome, and Jones became unconscious on reaching the surface. Others went down, and one of them was unable to return. As soon as Jones regained consciousness, he insisted on again descending the mine, and succeeded in bringing up two of the men. lie then descended the mine a third time and brought the last man, Griffiths, to the surface. Unfortunately Griffiths, Owen, and the native workman who first went down succumbed to the effects of the gas.