John Wendell MacLean CV

b. ? Inverness, Nova Scotia. d. 03/1992 Inverness County, Nova Scotia.

DATE OF CV ACTION: 14/03/1992 Inverness County, Nova Scotia.

CV Canada


Mr. MacLean lost his life following attempts to rescue family members from a burning house trailer in Inverness County, Nova Scotia, early on the morning of March 14, 1992. Alerted to the fire, he rushed outside with his wife and son, then re-entered as soon as he realized his daughter and three-year-old grandson were still inside. Although the ceiling was already crumbling, he passed through the heart of the blaze to rescue his grandson. Mr. MacLean twice attempted to return for his daughter, but the intensity of the fire forced him to retreat. A further attempt to enter through a window also failed. The daughter perished in the fire and Mr. MacLean succumbed to his burns a few days later.