John Wright EM

b. 31/07/1893 Durham.  d. ? 1970 Durham.

DATE OF EM ACTION: 25/05/1937 Ottovale Works, Blaydon, Durham.

John was born in Durham on 31st July 1893, though little is known about his early life and parents. He became a workman at the Benzol Works in Blaydon where he was awarded the Edward Medal for his actions on 25th May 1937. It is believed he married and had a son. He died in Durham in 1970 aged 77.



On the 25th May, 1937, a workman at the Ottovale Works, Blaydon-on-Tyne, was overcome by benzol fumes when he was carrying out repairs at the top of a column. While steps were being taken to obtain ropes to lower the workman to the ground Wright immediately climbed up, without a gas mask, with a view to preventing him from falling, pending the arrival of help. Finding it essential to remove him at once from the fumes he raised the unconscious man on to his back and crawled with him for about 14 feet along three nine inch planks below part of which there was a drop of 44 feet. Wright showed great courage and initiative and risked his life in rescuing his fellow workman.