Kenneth Leslie Davies EM

b. c. 1921 ?  d. 29/12/1958 Dillwyn No 1 Mine, Seven Sisters, Glamorgan.

DATE OF EM ACTION: 29/12/1958 Dillwyn No 1 Mine, Seven Sisters, Glamorgan.

Little is known about Kenneth Leslie Davies, the deputy at Dillwyn No 1 Mine, Seven Sisters, Neath, South Wales. What is known is that he was born in c.1921, married Ira and had at least one son, named Jeff. At the time of his death he was living at 14 Barry Road, Brynamman, Glamorgan, and in his will he left his widow Ira £981 13s 6d.



On the morning of 29th December 1958, at Dillwyn No. 1 Mine, Glamorgan, five men were proceeding to fetch some props from the end of a road leading to a face which had been stopped for some time. The leading collier suddenly collapsed due to the effects of a high concentration of fire damp in the atmosphere. The remaining colliers retreated and raised the alarm. A rescue attempt was soon made, but the rescuers were forced to withdraw. The deputy in charge of the shift, Kenneth Leslie Davies, then arrived, and on learning what had happened, decided to make a further determined effort to reach the collapsed miner, who could be heard to be still breathing. As a result of this attempt, Davies lost his own life. He was fully aware of the dangers involved, and his disregard of personal risk in his attempt to rescue a colleague was in the highest tradition of the mining industry.