Krishna Parbati EM

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DATE OF EM ACTION: 02/02/1918 Bombay, India.

Very little is known about the life of Krishna Parbati, a worker at the Simplex Mills in Bombay, India on the 2nd February 1918.



On the 2nd February, 1918, a masonry tank 9 feet square by 12½ deep at the Simplex Mills in Bombay was being cleaned out by six Hindu workmen by means of buckets lowered through a manhole, when one of the men fell through the manhole into the tank and was at once rendered unconscious by poisonous gas. One of the other men went to his assistance, and immediately lost consciousness. The other four all attempted to rescue the two unconscious men, and were all likewise overcome. Maruti Vithoba then volunteered to rescue the men, and was lowered by a rope; he endeavoured to save one who appeared still living; but, before he could do so, was over­powered by the fumes, and had to be pulled out. Krishna Parbati at once volunteered to make a further attempt, and had nearly completed fastening a rope round one of the victims when he also had to be pulled out in an unconscious state. The six bodies were eventually recovered by the Fire Brigade, who were wearing smoke helmets; one was still living, but died a few minutes after being rescued.

In view of the fact that it was obvious that the gas was highly poisonous and its action extremely rapid, Maruti Vithoba and Krishna Parbati undoubtedly risked their lives in endeavouring to save the lives of others.