Mali DM

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DATE OF DM ACTION: 2012 Afghanistan.

Mali DM

Eight-year-old Belgian Malinois Mali worked with a British Military unit deployed to Afghanistan in 2012. During his tenure, Mali assisted in a highly sensitive operation to secure and enemy stronghold, situated in a multi-storey building.

His role was to detect explosives and insurgents, alerting his colleagues to their presence and giving them vital seconds to prepare to engage the enemy. During the seven-and-a-half-hour mission, an intense firefight took place.

Mali was hoisted up the outside of the building several times to provide the assault force with a key foothold. He went above and beyond the call of duty, indicating the presence of insurgents numerous times, as well as moving through direct fire on two separate occasions while searching for explosives. The unit sustained casualties during the operation. Mali was also seriously injured by three grenade blasts. The first two explosions caused injuries to his chest, front and rear legs. The final grenade exploded close to his face, knocking out a tooth and damaging his ear. Despite his injuries, Mali continued his duties and pushed forward, remaining close to his handler throughout.

Mali went on to make a full recovery. His gallantry and devotion to duty earned him a PDSA Dickin Medal – which uniquely bears a commemorative ‘Centenary bar’ to mark the 100th anniversary of PDSA. He received his Medal at the People’s Palace, London on 17 November 2017.



For tireless bravery and devotion to duty during an operation in Afghanistan with the British Military in 2012.