Mangal Sain AM

b. ? d. ?

DATE OF AM ACTION: 15/03/1919 Beirut, Lebanon.

Very little is known about Trumpeter Mangal Sain of the 2nd Indian Lancers (Gardner’s Horse) other than the action which led to the Albert Medal.



On the 15th March last, while some Turkish prisoners-of-war -were bathing at Beirut under a guard of British soldiers, one of them got into difficulties. Two members of the escort went to his assistance but failed to rescue him. On hearing of the man’s danger, Mangal Sain at once swam out through the surf and eventually with great difficulty brought him ashore. Shortly afterwards two British soldiers who were ‘bathing were seen to have been caught in a current .and to be in danger of drowning, and Mangal Sain, although still exhausted on account of his rescue of the first man, again swam out to the assistance of the two others. He succeeded in bringing one man ashore, and, although he was completely done up, he immediately started without hesitation to the rescue of the other soldier. He was, however, called back, as it was seen that the man had drifted so far out that it was impossible to save him. Both men who were rescued were in the last state of collapse and must inevitably have been drowned had it not been for the gallantry displayed by Mangal Sain, who incurred great risk in rendering the services, owing to the violent surf and the dangerous currents beyond.