Maquis DM

b. ? Gratton Road, Bedford.  d. ?

DATE OF DM ACTION: 1943-1944 France.

Maquis DM

Originally code-named NPS.43.36392, was a blue chequered cock pigeon bred in 1942 by the Brown brothers in Gratton Road, Bedford. The bird was renowned for reliability and it was this quality that earned him the most important missions working for combined operations. The first mission was in May 1943. He was sent with a British agent by parachute into Amiens and returned four days later uninjured and with a message strapped to his leg. He completed a similar mission the following year, returning with an operational instruction.

In February 1944 he accompanied Combined Operations into enemy occupied France and was dispatched with a message and arrived at his loft in London the same day. He was later used in the D-Day landings, and after this flight, was named “Maquis” after the men and women fighting for their freedom. He was demobbed and sold for £22. His new owner, Mr P Cope from Duxford, used him for breeding. He was awarded the Dickin Medal in October 1945.



For bringing important messages three times from enemy occupied country, viz: May 1943 (Amiens), February 1944 (Combined Operations) and June 1944 (French Maquis) while serving with the Special Service from the Continent.