Matthew Hilliard EM

b. 1855 Heworth, County Durham. d.  28/01/1908 Roachburn Colliery, Cumberland.

DATE OF EM ACTION: 28/01/1908 Roachburn Colliery, Cumberland.

Matthew was one of three children born to an unknown father and Jane Rogers. He grew up in Heworth, County Durham, and from an early age became a miner. His mother died when he was just 5, and he moved in with relatives who were living at the Silkworth Colliery, Durham. By the late 1870s, he had moved to Brampton, Cumberland, where he had become a miner at the Roachburn Colliery. He married Margaret in 1880 and they had two children, Elizabeth and Robert. His widow was presented with his posthumous Edward Medal.



His Majesty has been graciously pleased to allow the Edward Medal of the Second Class to be given to the widows of Robert Pattinson and Matthew Hilliard. On the 28th January, 1908, a heavy fall of roof took place at the Roachburn Colliery, Cumberland. A miner named William Wharton having failed to escape, Robert Pattinson and Matthew Hilliard descended the mine in order to rescue him, but did not return.